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Found advertise: 12 words & 2 translates

English Ўзбек
advertise реклама қилиш
advertised эълон қилинган
advertisement реклама
advertisements рекламалар
advertiser реклама берувчи
advertisers реклама берувчилар
advertises реклама қилади
unadvertised реклама қилинмаган
5. Information required to be indicated in the advertisement of the activities of the crypto-exchange in the case and to the extent provided for by law. 5. Қонунчилик ҳужжатларида назарда тутилган тартибда ва ҳажмда крипто-биржа фаолиятининг рекламасида кўрсатилиши талаб қилинадиган маълумот.
Of course, all this was added to the advertisement a bit at a time and finally, when she was reduced to despair, it came to: "without salary in return for board Бу ёғи маълум… Бу гаплар эълонларга бирин-сирин қỹшилиб, охири, пичоқ суякка тақалганда ҳатто «маошсиз, фақат ном эвазига» ишлашга ҳам кỹнди
I made up my mind then to test her for the last time. I suddenly took up the Voice of the day and showed her an advertisement "A young person, without friends and relations, seeks a situation as a governess to young children, preferably in the family of a middle-aged widower.Might be a comfort in the home." Шунда мен уни сỹнгги марта синамоқчи бỹлдим: бугунги «Голос»ни олиб эълонни кỹрсатдим: «Ҳеч кими йỹқ жувон, ёш болали оилада мураббиялик қилиши мумкин, кексароқ бева эркакникида бỹлса яна яхши. Рỹзғор ишларини енгиллатиши мумкин»
"Look here how this lady has advertised this morning, and by the evening she will certainly have found a situation. That's the way to advertise." – Мана кỹрдингизми, эълон эрталаб чиқди, кечгача жой топади. Эълонни шунақа ёзиш керак!