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Found куфр келтирмоқ: 1 words & 2 translates

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90. Miserable is what they sold their souls for—rejecting what Allah has revealed, out of resentment that Allah would send down His grace upon whomever He chooses from among His servants. Thus they incurred wrath upon wrath. And there is a demeaning punishment for the disbelievers. 90Улар ўзларини сотган нарса, Аллоҳ бандаларидан хоҳлаганига Ўз фазлидан туширганига ҳасад қилиб, Аллоҳ туширган нарсага куфр келтирмоқлик, қандоқ ҳам ёмон. Улар ғазабнинг устига ғазабни лозим тутдилар. Кофирларга хор қилувчи азоб бордир.